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14:51 "Men" Statement A: "I need me a bad bitch."
Statement B: "Ever think if you focused on your personality, men would respect you?"
Statement C: "Legging season!!"
Statement D: "THOTS stay wearing leggings"
Statement E: "Chicks who say they only hang with dudes are sus"
Statement F: "I need a girl who stays fly, wears J's, can talk sports, [insert more 'masculine' activities]"
Statement G: "Send nudes"
Statement H: "Women have no self-respect and still wonder why they're treated as hoes."
Statement I: "I only fuck with light skin chicks. Dark skin girls look dirty."
Statement J: "Black girls are too ghetto."
Statement K: "I can't fuck with a girl who can't cook."
Statement L: "Wake me up with some head."
Statement M: "I respect women. It's just these bitches and hoes..."
Statement N: "Dike lesbians make no sense."
Statement O: "Lesbians are so sexy."
Statement P: "Women are too emotional"
Statement Q: "Bitches out here with no hair"
Statement R: "Bitches out here with weaves."
Statement S: "Black bitches love saying how long their hair used to be."
Statement T: "You gotta have [insert subjective list of physical characteristic requirements]"
Statement U: "Be yourself"
Statement V: "Bitches"
Statement W: "Hoes"
Statement X: "Women always find some shit to argue about"
Statement Y: "Feminazi"
Statement Z: "Feminism: the female mafia"

Persian Rug by Party Next Door
22:14 narcissisticallyembraced:

You can either be caged in or you can fly; choose one


20:13"I was very fond of you, but now I’m so, so tired. I’m not happy to go, but one needn’t be happy to make another start." — Camus, Albert. The Plague.   (via paypay)

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20:00"I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life." — Jeff Buckley, on moving to New York  (via thatkindofwoman)

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19:50 mrelbank:

Sun Young Hwang
With her beautiful freckles..